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I am giving away a copy of Wings of Irene, plus three other comics by Jorge Santiago, Jr.

Irene is a young woman who wants to fly. To earn her pilot’s license, she must defeat five of the academy’s top students in aerodyne combat.

To enter, you must be a follower of pulpinspiration and reblog this post by next Sunday, July 20. Likes or additional reblogs do not count as entries. Also, you need to have your ask box open so that I can contact you when you win! I will notify the winner on July 21, and if I don’t hear from them within three days, I’ll select a new winner.

(If you don’t win, you can always buy Wings of Irene.)


United States Planes in World War II. Illus by Herbert Townsend, from America, the Story of Our Country, 1951


Fairey Flycatcher by FrigateRN on Flickr.

Black women in the United States Army Nurse Corps were assigned to Tuskegee Army Air Field Hospital (C. 1943) to assist pilots and cadets with physical and psychological problems. Part of their training included ground school instruction.


WASP mechanics working on a USAAF fighter